A greater appreciation of wine begins with knowledge of the wine making process.

Every fine wine has the same basic fundamentals.

Our winemaker Natasha Mooney has a big passion for wine and has studied Oenology at Roseworthy University in Adelaide.

The 2008 Glenfell Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa Valley is from a great patch of Cabernet vines in Greenock from the Barossa Valley. the process began when our wine maker visited the Barossa Valley. She tasted the grapes, chewed the seeds, and measured the sugar level. Based on her own knowledge & experience she gave the order to harvest the grapes. Our wine maker insisted no grape was to be harvested that could not be crushed the same day. The crushed grapes including skins and seeds were poured into stainless steel tanks. Our wine maker added her own special cultured yeast that started the fermentation process.

The wine was fermented at 28 degrees for exactly 7 days. Following the fermentation, the wine was poured into New French & American oak barrels for aging. The wines were racked several times. After 24 months of aging in the barrels the wine was filtered, bottled and let to age for a further 6 ヶ月.